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Rental Property Inspections For Your Peace Of Mind​​

Inspections & Maintenance For Property Managers​

A routine property condition inspection throughout the year, reassures the homeowner and property manager the condition of the property and provide you the ability to resolve any defects in a timely fashion to protect your investment. Although, you may have someone reviewing the property annually, there are huge benefits to obtaining a licensed home inspector to perform the property condition inspection.

Benefits Of A Rental Property Inspection​

Using a Certified Property Inspector for rental properties prior to move-in/move-out or periodic inspections offers several benefits for all parties, property managers, landlords and tenants:

Objective Assessment

Certified inspectors provide an impartial evaluation
of the property's condition, helping to avoid
disputes between landlords and tenants over
security deposit deductions or maintenance

Compliance Assurance

Inspectors ensure that the property complies with
local building health and safety regulations,
reducing the risk of legal issues for property


Inspectors provide detailed reports with
photographs, creating a comprehensive record of
the property's condition at different points in time.
This documentation can be crucial in case of
disputes or insurance claims.

Early Issue Detection

Regular inspections can catch maintenance issues early, preventing them from becoming costly repairs and ensuring the property remains in good condition.

Tenant Satisfaction

Tenants appreciate knowing that the property is
well-maintained and safe, which can improve
tenant satisfaction and retention.

Legal Protection

Inspections help property managers demonstrate
their commitment to maintaining safe and
habitable living conditions, which can provide legal
protection in case of tenant lawsuits.

Certified Property Inspectors help ensure the safety, maintenance, and compliance of rental properties while also fostering positive relationships between property managers and tenants. 

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Move-In/Move-Out and Periodic Inspections

Our thorough inspections cover items that can impact your move and property upkeep. We inspect and photograph any damage during move-in, move-out, or
periodic checks.

What's included:




General Photo Documentation
We provide photo documentation for your records:


This report does not replace a complete home inspection. We do not assess the condition of the Roof, HVAC System, NonKitchen/Laundry Appliances, Water Heater, Insulation, or Structure.