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Inspections & Maintenance for Homeowners

Sometimes it’s hard to see the truth behind the walls. We make it our responsibility to see beyond the cosmetics and give you the cold hard facts. Our services are designed to cover all of your needs and more.
Orlando home inspector

Inspections for Every Home Style & Size

Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult. Our certified inspectors makes things easy. See what we can do to keep your home in the best condition for years to come.  

Home Maintenance Tips

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Annual Home Maintenance Tips
We are here to inspect and get you to the closing table quickly

We Want to Make Your Selling & Home Maintenance Process Easy!

Our staff users years of experience to ensure your home is safe and ready for move in or sale. An experienced inspector will arrive at the home and conduct a several point inspection leaving no part of your home unchecked. 

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Our fully integrated medical services across the entire healthcare spectrum give every patient one-stop access to the entire Medici network. We collaborate with a wide network of partners, including restructured general hospitals, specialist centres, GP clinics and polyclinics.

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Executive Health Screening Package

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