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Are you considering purchasing or selling any one of these entities?

  • Self-storage facility
  • Car wash
  • Gas station
  • Amusement center
  • Restaurant
  • Museum
  • Church
  • School
  • Library
  • self storage unit
    Before you buy or have your buyer sign the contract you should hire a commercial building inspector. Most lenders require an inspection on pre-existing structures. They want to know the condition of the building or structure.

    Will it need on-going maintenance?
    Does the roof need to be replaced?
    Has there been structural damage over the years?

    All of these are important for a buyer and seller to be aware of. There is more to a commercial inspection than just a visual inspection. At Pro Inspect Solutions we follow the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP). The ComSOP sets industry accepted guidelines along with a systematic process for inspecting commercial properties. As a commercial property inspector our job is to carefully inspect not just the outside of building structures but also take inventory of the building’s major systems and components as well as assess their physical and functional condition. Reviewing these findings will showcase a property’s potential deficiencies as well as potential maintenance issues.

    In the case of a self-storage facility, car wash and library there can be different issues when compared to other structures. In this instance these three types of structures typically don’t serve food so there would be no heating elements for cooking, no fans needed for cooking and no refrigeration equipment to inspect. In this example, a commercial building inspector would be reviewing the structure in itself and looking for cracks in the paint, cracks in the foundation, structural damage due to storms as well as reviewing the roof integrity.

    An inspection of the exterior and interior of any structure is good information to have especially if you are the buyer. Once inspected you will have an idea of how well the property is holding up as well as understanding any future repairs that will be necessary.

    The size of the inspection is not as important as is the costs for repair. A pre-purchase inspection could save you, the buyer, quite a bit of money. Knowing the anticipated future repair expenses makes the buyer more aware of possible maintenance costs associated with the purchase of a commercial structure.

    In addition to repair and replacement costs, safety is probably the #1 reason to do a specialty commercial inspection. As the buyer you would want to a confirmation to know how well the property is holding up. How old is the roof? Has there been storm damage that could possibly compromise the integrity of the building’s structure? Is the building safe for use? These are all extremely important to know before buying or selling a specialty real estate entity.

    Inspections for gas stations, amusement centers, restaurants, museums, schools, libraries and churches generally take on a slightly different type of inspection. With these types of commercial entities, the commercial inspector may take a deeper dive as there is more to inspect. Usually, these types of commercial inspections will assess not just the structure of the building (roof, walls, foundation) but they will also inspect the plumbing, wiring for appliances and heating elements. In addition to knowing the age of the roof, knowing the age of your wiring is important too. Is the wiring up to the newest county codes? When inspecting these types of businesses, a commercial inspector goes through the structure and all areas with a fine tooth comb to ensure continued safety for all who patron that establishment. The commercial inspector will also inspect walkways leading up to the structure. Are there shifts in the sidewalk? Is there any part of the sidewalk that is raised that could cause a trip hazard? Knowing what you are buying is key.

    If you are in need of a commercial building inspector to inspect a commercial roof, foundation, internal and external structure, we invite you to call us, Pro Inspection Solutions, at 407-796-2540.