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Inspections for Home Buyers

Inspecting homes throughout various locations in Central Florida. Explore our complete Inspection options.


You can book an appointment with us from the comfort of your home. All it takes is a click on our online appointment service and you can leave the rest to us. Have questions?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.
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Be Present for your Inspection

You should always be present for your inspection. As the buyer, this will help you enter homeownership as informed as possible about your new property.

The Benefits of Being Present for Your Home Inspection

Perhaps the biggest benefit of being present for a home inspection is that you actually get to talk to the inspector. You get to ask questions and have instant feedback if you need clarifications on the severity of any problems or even clarification on terms the inspector might be using. This is especially valuable if you’re about to become a first-time homeowner. If you have any specific concerns about the home, you can voice them to the inspector immediately.

When the inspection is over, you can also get a walkthrough of all the findings. You’ll have the opportunity to look closely at any defects with the inspector by your side to explain the full context of the problems.

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Easy-to-Read Inspection Reports

At Pro Inspect Solutions, we help you get the most out of your inspection with our easy-to-read inspection reports. Our reports are in simple terms, easy for buyers and sellers to understand. Not only will you find a summary of the defects we found in the inspection, but you’ll also see the defects are color-coded. Each color represents a different level of severity so buyers can prioritize what should be done immediately and what can wait.

The bottom line is our inspection reports are an important tool to help facilitate a smooth real estate transaction. To get the most out of your inspection, contact Pro Inspect Solutions today!

Central Florida Home Inspector

Sometimes it’s hard to see the truth behind the walls. We make it our responsibility to see beyond the cosmetics and give you the cold hard facts. Our services are designed to cover all of your needs and more.

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Free Warranty Services with Every Home Inspection

We provide a one kind home inspection service. Offering a free warranty on our services provided by Central Florida’s Top Warranty. 

Residential inspections

Learn More About our Residential Inspections

orlando inspections roof


Assessing the general condition of the roof, attic for visible signs of leaks, roof covering related to approximate year, insulation, skylights, and ridge vents


From possible pest problems to termite damage, this entails finding sifting out all kind of possible threats.

orlando inspection foundation

Foundation & Structure

From cracks in the walls to uneven floors, nothing gets past our inspection.

ac home inspection orlando

Heating & Cooling

We verify interior and exterior air conditioning units’ year, make, model, and condition for visible corrosion, leaks, or drain pan issues.

plumbing home inspection orlando


We Evaluate plumbing supply lines and types and check for any visible leaks under sinks or around drains.

electric home inspection orlando


Many house fires are started simply because of faulty electrical wiring. Protect you and your family by making sure grounds, breakers,and wiring are done right.

Interior of home inspection orlando

Attic & insulation

You never really know what is lurking in those dark corners. Mold and mildew can be hazardous to your families health. Catch the problem before it catches you.

fireplace home inspection orlando


If there is a fire, there’s only one place it should be really happening. We’ll make sure you know it’s safe to use.