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Common Questions for homebuyers

Knowning the details makes a world of a difference when buying or selling a property. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions that will make you an educated buyer/seller. 

In strict compliance with CDC guidelines for COVID’19 pandemic, we have put in place a user friendly website where you can easily book an appointment from the comfort of your room. Alternatively, you can make use of any of our active social media platforms. We guarantee prompt response.

Our service charges vary, this is to ensure that every client is charged in accordance with the specificity of their need. However, factors such as location, square footage as well as the age of the home to be inspected are considered in our service charges.

We are at the forefront of ensuring the reality of a cashless economy. Hence, we do not accept cash. However, when you book an appointment, we evaluate your appointment and send you an invoice that is associated with your request via e-mail which you can pay online.

We recommend that you inform inspectors prior to their arrival about the presence of animals in your home if there’s any. Although, we prefer that you keep them away. Also, we recommend that you make preparation to ensure that all major components of your home are accessible. Locked items like electrical panels and doors are advised to be opened for inspection. In addition, we recommend that you keep away all materials that you do not want to be moved, although we prefer that you explain to the inspector the reason for this action.

Our goal when inspecting a home is to ensure that the home is inspected to a professional standard and client’s satisfaction is obtained. In order to do this, we spend some time checking all the necessary items, accessories, their life span and home components. However, we guarantee that our inspectors are great time managers and would use just an average of about 3 hours.

We understand the joy and excitement that comes with owning a home. We are committed to making this joy last with our 5-star professional standard inspection. However, we recommend that homebuyers show up 2 hours after the appointed time. This will enable us to discuss with them some findings that will make parts of our comprehensive report and we can also walk them through the report.

We guarantee that you’ll get your home inspection report in 24-48 hours after inspection. We guarantee that the inspection is authentic, and will be easy to comprehend for you.

You can cancel the appointment although, we would love to work with you. We recommend that you contact our office as soon as possible. There is no penalty charges for cancellation if notified 24 hours in advanced.

Consider inspectors as guides who assist you to evaluate a home if it’s at par with your expectations and also look into other critical matters that you are not aware of, which will help you negotiate better. Whether you’re a homeowner, or a homebuyer home inspection is a great way to save time, focus more on what you love and get the home ownership deal done faster.

We are partnered with InterNACHI, the nation’s leader in home inspector education. 

Our inspectors are continuously and consistently adding to their certifications and inspection education.

We are able to service all of central Florida.  However, there may be a travel fee added if we have to travel more than 40 miles.

Yes, we will go up on a roof to inspect its condition, unless we cannot get onto of the roof with a 17ft ladder or the roof is unsafe.  If one of these is the case, we will use a drone to inspect the roof.

Yes, to all three. However, radon is not often present in Florida homes.

We do offer pool inspections as one of our many services.

We offer a 90 day Structural and Mechanical Warranty with your home inspection.  Along with a 5-year Roof Protection Plan.  See details about these warranties under our ‘For Buyers’ tab.  We employ the use of Infrared Thermographic Scanners with inspections, as needed.  We also offer a Repair Estimates report with your inspection, for $59.99.  This will include current standard costs for the repairs needed on your home.  Having this report will save you time looking up prices and trying to figure out what is a good deal. 

We ask that you schedule your appointment 48 hours in advance.  However, we understand that is not always possible, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

It is your choice if you would like to attend the inspection or not.  However, we do suggest that you attend for the last hour of the inspection so the inspector can go over what he found and answer any questions you might have. 

Yes, our very thorough report includes all three for every deficiency, safety issue and area needing maintenance.

A residential inspection includes examination of the following: 

•Foundation & Structure
•Heating & Cooling
•Insulation & Ventilation
•Doors, Windows & Interior