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11-Month Warranty Inspection

11-Month Warranty Inspection

The 11-month warranty inspection covers critical aspects of your home before the builder’s warranty expires. This inspection is crucial for identifying defects in the home that might have appeared during the course of your homeownership or were not found before.

Examples of defect findings include cracked or damaged shingles, improper roof vent installation, leaky plumbing, loose toilets, missing grout, small cracks in the stucco, water intrusion, and insulation issues.

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11-Month Warranty Inspection
11-Month Warranty Inspection (2)


The 11-month warranty inspection package typically covers the following::
  1. Distance of vegetation from the home
  2. Driveways and walkways
  3. Garage: Sensors and overall functionality; walls, ceiling, water staining; water heater; air handler
  4. Exterior: Painting and caulking around windows, doors, and other penetrations; weep holes; paint application and adherence; window damage and installation; soffits; stucco; plumbing fixtures; electrical equipment and outlets
  5. Interior: Walls, windows, outlets, floors, and ceilings; cabinets; appliances; light switches; fans
  6. Bathrooms and kitchens: Tub drainage, hot water; sinks; toilets; bathroom fans and vents; tiles and grout
  7. HVAC system
  8. Electrical system
  9. Plumbing: Water pressure; hot and cold water functionality; leaks
  10. Attic: Roof interior; trusses and any onsite alterations; insulation; roof leaks
  11. Roof: Shingles; vents and penetrations; flashings; drip edge
  12. Foundation and drainage: Whether cracks are present; grading; flooding and ponding
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The above list is by no means exhaustive, so always check the inclusions with the designated inspector.

You’ll receive a comprehensive report of the home inspector’s findings 24-48 hours after the inspection is complete.

You can then turn the report over to the builder for action based on your active home warranty.