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Four-Point Inspection

Four-Point Inspection

Pro Inspect solution is your trusted source for home inspection services. Our Four Point Inspection will instantly help you find the defects that matter most. We’ll help you examining the current condition of a house or condo, reviewing four significant systems: HVAC, roofing, electrical wiring with panels, and plumbing connections with the fixture. We’ll provide you a detailed inspection report describing the condition and age of the above elements. 

So, when you’re on a house-hunt or want to acquire home insurance, we’ll help you get the most out of the process. As no home is perfect, the best approach is to call the professionals to inspect it, catch hidden problems early, and avoid risks with your investment.

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Homeowner insurances companies are pretty reluctant to issue policies for older homes (generally 20 years or more). That’s true because an older home could become a liability for insurance companies. On the other hand, a newer house has fewer chances of water or fire damage. That’s where our Four Point Inspection can be vital; as a lot of home insurance companies are not willing to insure an older home without a Four Point Inspection. 

We’ll help you with clear future steps, so your home not only conforms to building and safety regulations, but also increase your chances to meet or surpass the obligation for insurance. 

We will provide a clear and precise report within 24-48 hours, to help you understand your options and move forward with confidence.

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