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Hud Compliance Certifications of Manufactured Homes

Foundation Inspections for Manufactured Home

All new and existing foundation inspections must meet all guidelines published in September 1996 Permanent Foundation Guide for Manufactured Housing (HUD-7584). a licensed professional engineer must provide a certification attesting to compliance with this handbook.

This means the foundation must meet the standards mentioned in the HUD manual Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured housing 1996. This manual requires that every manufactured home must meet a specific design. A perimeter, frost line-protected strip foundation, and protected piers under the frame must be present.


HUD Requirement

The HUD requirement is a critical part of the building code. It outlines how the Manufactured home’s foundation must be constructed and how it should adhere to the building code.

The design must provide additional protection against horizontal uplifting shearing or uplifting forces. The HUD requires that unless there is an alternate, site-specific engineered design, the stacked blocks that the unit sits on must not only be mortared but must also be attached with rebar to the footing. This will require additional strapping between the stacked blocks. The design must be stamped by a licensed professional engineer verifying that all Hud requirements are met.

Pro Inspect

Inspection Information:

Our specially trained inspector completes on-site inspections. The inspector will examine and take pictures underneath and around the home. In some instances, the inspector will also need access to the home’s interior.

Our inspection reports at Pro Inspect Solutions meet the FHA and HUD standards. In addition, we ensure inspecting and verifying the following items during inspection:

1. Site layout to identify potential drainage and flood-prone areas
2. Home manufacturer’s names, addresses, and phone number
3. Date of manufacture and foundation construction
4. The inspection record, along with the building permit
5. Size of the foundation
6. Foundation ties

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