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Post-Hurricane Inspection

Post-Hurricane Inspection

Has your home been hit by mother nature? If so, major repairs or replacements may be in your future.Extreme weather, rain, and wind can easily batter your home and property, causing extensive damage toyour roof, siding, windows, foundation, and even the interior of your home.

If your property was in the path of a hurricane, don’t hesitate to utilize our post-hurricane inspectionservices. We’ll carefully evaluate your building from top to bottom, identifying any areas that may needrepair so that you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure once again.

Our post-hurricane inspection services will check for storm-related issues such as:

1. Roof: Missing shingles, roof penetrations, attic vents, damaged gutters or downspouts, and fallen roofdebris.

2. Exterior: Damaged or loose siding or trim, waterlogged materials, exterior wall penetrations, debris-clogged dryer vents, broken or damaged windows or glass doors, broken or unsecured air conditioners,and damaged range hood vents.

3. Electrical: Low-hanging power lines and damaged overhead masts.

4. Interior: Moisture along ceilings and walls, damage around doors and windows, and dysfunctionalappliances that may be the result of floodwater damage.

5. Yard: Damaged fences and gates, and broken shrubs and trees.

For any questions regarding our post-hurricane inspections in Florida, or to book your appointment, please reach out to our qualified, experienced inspectors today.

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