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Book our virtual prelisting inspection consultation to confidently prepare your home for the market. This service provides a comprehensive assessment of your home’s condition through a convenient and interactive virtual platform, allowing you to identify and address potential issues before listing your property for sale.

Pro Inspect
What We Offer:

PreInspection Preparation: Upon booking, you will receive an inspection checklist via email to help
you prepare for the appointment. This checklist will guide you in setting up your space for the most
effective virtual inspection and ensure all significant aspects are covered.

Expert Guidance: Conducted by a certified home inspector, our virtual consultation offers expert
analysis of your home’s condition, focusing on critical areas such as structure, systems (HVAC,
electrical, plumbing), interior and exterior condition, and any specific concerns.

Interactive Virtual Walkthrough: Using a userfriendly video platform like Microsoft Team, you will
guide our inspector through your property, receiving realtime feedback and advice on visible
aspects of your home. This interactive session ensures that all your concerns are taken care of

Video Recording: Following the virtual walkthrough, a video recording can also be provided for a
quick review and easy sharing.

Convenience and Safety: Our virtual inspection, conducted entirely online, minimizes disruptions to
your daily schedule and adheres to safety protocols, offering a flexible solution to fit your busy

Access to Preferred Vendors: We understand that getting your home ready can involve various
repairs and improvements. As part of our service, we provide a list of preferred vendors who can help
you with any necessary repairs or home improvements, ensuring quality and reliability.

Benefits for Sellers
  • Identify Potential Issues Early: Address problems before they become negotiating points in
    the sale process.
  • Increase Home Value: Implement recommendations to improve the appeal and value of your
  • Speed Up the Selling Process: A prelisting inspection can make the entire selling process
    smoother and faster by eliminating surprises.
Who Should Book

Homeowners planning to sell who want to understand their property’s condition and take proactive
steps to ensure a smooth sale.
Real estate agents who are seeking to expedite the listing and selling process with a wellprepared

Ensure your home is ready to impress potential buyers and command the best price. Book your
Virtual PreListing Inspection Consultation today and take the first step toward a successful sale!