If you’re selling a home, sooner or later, you’re going to have a visit from a real estate inspection service.  There’s a small chance this will happen after the sale, but that’s not a good thing to gamble on.  Most home-buyers are going to want an inspection before finalizing the deal – and how that inspection goes could have a huge impact on the final sale price.

If you want to get the best price on your house, without giving the buyer any extra room to negotiate, you want to be ready for that inspection… and hopefully, pass it with flying colors.  Here are some tips to help you prepare.

Be Ready for A Real Estate Inspection Service Visit During Your Home Sale

1 – Clear paths and declutter

Your inspector is going to need easy access to many areas of your home, and they won’t be impressed if they have a hard time getting to them.  They should be able to easily reach all places in your home, including the basement, attic, and any accessible crawlspaces.  Also, they’ll be looking closely at your electrical junction box, water heater, and other major basement appliances, so be sure those are accessible as well.

Finally, move large furniture away from the walls.  They’ll want to check the baseboards and will appreciate easy access.  

2 – Know what needs to be fixed beforehand

There are certain problems with a home that will be an absolute kiss of death if they end up on a professional home inspection.

The most important is mold.  If there is any mold in your home, get it removed by a professional before allowing the inspection.  A moldy home will not sell, or if it does, it will be at a cut-rate.

Also, be certain your wiring and plumbing are up-to-code.  If they can’t pass city inspection, the house is legally uninhabitable until they’re fixed.

3 – Fix minor problems too

There are other issues that might not be a dealbreaker, but if you fix them before the inspector sees them, you’ll still be in a better position to sell.  They include:

  • Stains on the ceiling
  • Leaky faucets and other minor plumbing issues
  • Missing or rotted paint, especially on the exterior
  • Missing roof tiles and other minor roofing issues
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper

Real Estate Inspection Service

Pro Inspect Solutions offers high-quality Orlando real estate inspection services at reasonable prices.  Whether you’re buying or selling, contact us for the best results!