When you’re buying a house, it’s absolutely vital to have it inspected at some point!  Inspections for home buyers are inexpensive and can give you a lot of important information about the property you’re buying.  Ideally this should be done before closing, but sometimes – such as when buying property remotely – this isn’t an option.  Fortunately, post-closing inspections are also possible.

You truly don’t want to move into a home – or invite others to live there – without having a home inspection.  There are numerous reasons why.

Why Post-Sale Inspections for Home Buyers Are Still a Good Idea

1 – Learn about any health or safety problems

If your new home had a carbon monoxide leak, how long would it take to notice?  If the basement smells damp and “moldy”, would you be able to tell the difference between different types of molds, or how to get rid of them?  What about other potential safety issues, such as cracked floors or loose stairway rails?

This is the biggest reason that you want an inspection for your Orlando home before anyone moves in.  Inspectors will spot any health and safety issues while you still have time to get them fixed.  They’ll also be able to provide good advice on how to most easily deal with these problems.  

2 – Finding items in need of repair

Not all problems with a home are necessarily dangerous, but they still should be taken care of.  Cracks in the walls, peeling wallpaper or paint, old siding, bad roofing… there are numerous problems a house might have, especially an older residence.  Not all of these issues will need to be taken care of before you move in, but you’ll want to have a list of them so that you can start on repairs when you get a chance.

This is especially important for a rental property, or one you intend to flip.  A good house inspection can put you on the road to quick profits!

3 – Planning for upgrades

Finally, you should also be looking to the future.  Orlando home inspections will tell you what aspects of your home are outdated, and perhaps should be upgraded sooner rather than later.  As with the repairs, this is particularly important for properties you’re looking to turn a profit on.  The nicer they look, and the more amenities they offer, the easier it will be to sell or rent them.

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