If you love the holidays and like to celebrate in any way you can, you may want to transform the appearance of your home at this festive time of year. You can certainly go to town with interior decorations, choose an impressive Christmas tree, and get all the family involved in its decorating. You will also want to pay particular attention to your home’s exterior and prepare this space for the occasion. So, what are some of the top ideas to help you enhance your landscaping for the holidays?

Weeding and Pruning

Before you think about transforming your landscaping, you should start with the basics. You will want to work with a front or back yard that looks its best, so you need to do some pruning and weeding before you go much further. Get rid of debris, cut back overgrown hedges or trees, and kill off weeds. This may be the time to put any “summertime” furniture or accessories in your garage or storage area, as they may seem out of place at this time of year.

Cleaning Walkways

You may want to welcome family and friends to your property for seasonal celebrations, so ensure that their first impressions are good. Pay close attention to the walkway between your threshold and front door and again, get rid of any weeds first. Then, take the time to fix any new cracks that may have appeared, reintroduce any pebbles or stones that may have been washed away during summer storms, and perform any other needed maintenance.

Preparing Your Lawn

Next, turn your attention to the lawn. Ideally, you keep this in good shape for all seasons or bring in a yard service to help you do so. If the grass is still growing, you should bring out the lawnmower for one additional pass before the holidays. Again, get rid of any weeds, rake up fallen leaves, and blow off the driveway or walkways as needed.

Planting Seasonal Flowers

When you live in a part of the country that enjoys temperate weather throughout the year, you will have some great opportunities to introduce seasonal plants. You will want to choose flowers that come in traditional colors, such as burgundy, deep reds and whites, and green. Poinsettias will certainly be on your list as they are always associated with holiday fun. You can intersperse with begonias and go to town as you create some intricate designs for the occasion. Remember, color is one of the most important parts of the holiday season, and you will certainly help to fuel the holiday spirit in your neighborhood as you work.

Packing Container Pots

You can also add some free hanging container pots to add additional color. Fill these with berries, pinecones, and other conifers, which may help remind you of family members “up north.” Hang these around the entrance to your property or along the driveway if you have one.

You can even put some of these container pots on your back patio, as you will probably be entertaining family and friends out here on a balmy Christmas Day.

Hanging Wreaths and Garlands

Some people decide to buy purpose-made wreaths or garlands. These are a great addition, and you can hang them on your front door, garage, porch, or back patio as well.

Illuminating Water Features

If your property has certain water features, think about illuminating them to capture the magic of the season. You can buy waterproof lighting systems that may come with alternating bulbs of different colors. You can easily program these to come on at a certain time of the evening and then change from red to green and white to blue as needed. This will certainly help you create a focal point around your water feature and add another element to your festive fun.

Stringing Lights

Many people choose to add string lights to areas of the landscaping. You don’t have to go overboard like Clark Griswold, but you can introduce these lighting features in areas of your front or back yard that may otherwise be rather dark at night.

Wrapping Your Trees

If you’re lucky to have some trees on your property, think about wrapping lights around them but take your time to do this properly, so there is a certain amount of symmetry. You can add some lanterns by hanging them from a sturdy branch or two to provide an additional splash of color.

Adding Spotlights

You may also want to introduce some spotlights that can shine onto some of the nicer elements of your yard or light up specific plants.

Celebrating in the Community

The holidays are a great time to catch up with the neighbors and even get into an informal competition to see who can create the most spectacular Christmas landscape. Why not talk with your neighbors and see what they have planned? You never know, you may pick up some ideas that you can use on your own property, or you may want to keep your best secrets to yourself. Either way, if you put extra effort into transforming your landscape for the season, you will add plenty of color to the neighborhood and a great deal of joy to your family’s fun.

Looking Forward to the New Year

When the holidays have finished and it’s time to look forward to the New Year, you may want to turn your attention to property maintenance. In this case, bring in a professional home inspector who can assess your property and see if you need to carry out any important work. Get in touch with Pro Inspect Solutions, an Orlando-based company with widespread experience in this area. 

Our organization prides itself on providing a convenient service and satisfying all of our clients. We can perform a thorough home inspection within just 72 hours of your initial call. We will then follow up with an action-driven report in the next 48 hours. Reach out to one of our friendly representatives today.